Thursday, January 21, 2010


We are almost ready to harvest some of our broccoli....yea! These went in ground on October first (as nursery year we plan on trying more from seed).

Tho their growth rates are a bit inconsistent, we are happy that most (not all) actually look like they will produce our favorite veggie. I didn't get a photo, but some of the seedlings still look like....seedlings. They are alive but seem to be in a state of suspended animation. Not sure what's going on there; good thing we planted plenty. And looking on the bright side, if those don't make it they will be the first beds planted in the Spring.

On a side note we are getting our FIFTH rain storm today.....the drought may actually be ending....yippee yahoo. Still plan on conserving water as much as possible, but it sure is nice to see the rain barrels filling up!