Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 August 2014

Another update with no pictures. We picked beans for dinner and freezing from the third bed last night. Great beans.

The last of the corn, though there are a few ears still on the stalks. These all went to the chickens as they are underdeveloped in a variety of ways. Still a success in my mind.

The aphids are getting to the squash with few ladybugs in sight. Last night Maureen released the last of the second batch of the little orange critters. We let them go too late it seems.

We also picked some Bell peppers.

Yard is still producing, though always some weirdness in the crops.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Garden Update

No pictures, just some thoughts. The corn has been a success in that we have been eating the corn as well as the chickens. The last count I heard was 65 ears and counting. We've picked some since then. The second bed hasn't done as well as the first, but it is another variety.

We put a few thousand lady bugs on the squash and they left for some other place. We'll try again soon.

The Anaheim peppers are still producing, even when covered with the squash plants. Maureen has made two batches of Pico do Gallo salsa. This year the Anaheims seem to be a bit hotter than years past. Still good salsa.

The last set of beans are up and growing well, but not ready for picking.

We have three water melon and have picked four cantaloupe. Not being a cantaloupe eater I can't tell you of their quality, but Maureen isn't complaining.

I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update on the Sharecropper Garden

Thought it was time to show the progress of the garden across the street. As usual, some successes and some not so successful. These are the good shots. I'm weeding in the background, but the green beans growing are the third of four beds planted this summer. Needs a bit of weeding care, but more food to come.

This is just to the west of the last picture and shows from the bottom watermelon, squash trying to suffocate pepper plants, and beans going to seed. The dry looking plant near the center is an artichoke waiting for next year. The O'Henry peach is in the back propped up to prevent limb breakage.

I'm standing between the corn beds. On the right is the first bed we planted and the left has the second bed that was planted two to three weeks later. We did pick our first ears of corn.  They could have waited a few days, but it looks like we will have more to come and we couldn't wait. (And we were hungry that night.)

One of two watermelon growing. The watermelon this year is going to be a race between growth and the aphids. Maybe a midseason/trade deadline deal for some ladybugs will help us.

And the always refreshing fruits of our efforts. The corn is ours. The lettuce for the salad was from the farmer's market. The goats milk used for the dressing was from our farm friends. The salad is topped with our green peppers, zucchini, hard boiled eggs and cracklins from the lard rendering process.

The next thing to do is make the wine to go along with the meal.  Our last wine attempt made good vinegar.

Friday, July 4, 2014

It's Been a While

It's been over a year and a half for a post about our across the street gardening adventure. It has been frustrating at times, but slow progress is being made. The pictures are a snapshot of where we are now, and not a full picture. The corn is a new attempt. So far much better than expected, and if nothing else it will become chicken feed. Just as a note, we are trying a new approach to the walkways. With our recent tree felling and trimming projects at home, we ask for the shredded remains from the tree people.  They gladly oblige saving them a trip to recycling. The chipped trees and leaves make a mulch for both the walkways and some of the beds. We'll see how this works out. The open bed just in front of the corn has just been planted with beans.