Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Life

Originally posted Nov. 18, 2008...

There is something incredibly satisfying about going out in the garden and discovering the first signs of life on new plantings.  I start looking the day after I sow seeds….despite knowing that at least a few days will have to pass before nature does it’s thing and this small, hard, shell of a seed can burst from it’s cocoon and push it’s way up thru the soil to greet the sunshine.  I am tickled by the green that arises from seemingly insignificant pods of brown.  Many times I have gotten excited checking out the raised beds only to discover that for several days I have been cheering on a weed (or in the summer - a morning glory…virtually a weed at our house).  No worries…usually the real plants are not far behind.

Today, the onions are up and reaching for the sky.  This is one of the Com Reds that were planted last week.  The shallots are starting to poke their way thru the composted soil, but are not quite as speedy as the little red guys.  I know it will be months before they are harvested but for today I am happy just to see sprouts and know there is hope for our little patch of onions.

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