Monday, January 12, 2009

The Plan

In case you missed it I talk about the our decision to garden smaller on my personal blog....from now on everything having to do with this yard will be on this blog.

We graphed out our new location and came up with a total of 500 sq. ft. of garden space plus room for 4 fruit trees. This doesn't include walkways and compost bins. For us, for now, this will be plenty. In fact, even with it being considerably smaller in scope than our original 1/2 acre still seems HUGE!

My drawing isn't so neat and I'm sure there will be changes along the way...but this is a rough sketch of how we will set things out. We've made walkways (decomposed granite) to get to the back alley and side yard, and we've given ourselves plenty of space between planting beds (each square is 2ft.). We're not sure how much we'll get planted this summer but the plan is to get all of it tilled and maybe a third of it amended and planted. We can work all summer on the pathways and building compost bins as well as getting more garden space ready to plant. Hopefully, by next fall we'll have most of it productive. We'd like to do raised beds, but again that will depend on finding the wood. If this is to be beneficial to us, it needs to be done as cheaply as possible so we may just hill up the beds and build the boxes as we find wood.


Julie said...

Sounds like a great plan. So glad it worked out for you to use the neighbor's yard!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

So inspiring! I've had all my books and paper out the last couple days, but my sketches are VERY rough. Need to get out the ruler and be a little more precise about it!

P.S. We must live very near to each other! I'm just a little further south. :)

Maureen said...

I noticed you were in Central California....we are about 60miles south of Fresno and about 80 miles north of Bakersfield. It'll be nice visiting your blog....reading someone else who has to endure these ridiculous summers :)