Friday, November 13, 2009

Garden Tour

Here's an overview of the mostly winter garden. The first 2 beds as you enter (from the right) are broccoli...and the artichoke is in the wine bottle bed.

Future DG walkway....maybe in the Spring.

Still cleaning up some of the beds, gotta love Bermuda grass!

Cabbage and Leeks

Not sure why some are kind of stunted.

Onions in front (we planted close to 180) and the back bed is peas and carrots.

With the ever popular crushed egg shells as snail deterrent.

Just today I picked the last of the Butternut squash hiding in the 24lbs. total from 6 plants.
Makes great pumpkin pie:)

The tomato plants look pretty good....

...tho I'm not sure if the fruit will ever turn red in this cold. I'll probably bring them in and set them on our windowsill.

Peas and Spinach

Future potato bed in the foreground.....

Peas and broccoli against the fence.

View from the back - Lettuce and broccoli in the foreground and the bed back between the squash and tomatoes is more onions....not sure why I ordered so many....hope they store well!


Steve said...

Cool Beans! It is amazingly blessed that we can grow through the winter. But as you said yesterday after digging and planting the oat bed, it would be nice to have a break one of the seasons.


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Your garden looks amazing, Maureen! I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not getting my fall seeds planted in time. I'm just going to have work harder to get things going in January.

Maureen said...

Well, I planted potatoes in Feb. last year and they did fine, we picked them in June.

Anonymous said...

I love the wine bottle bed! What a great idea. Everything looks great!

Maureen said...

We do tend to 'collect' a lot of wine bottles :)