Saturday, July 24, 2010


Looks like someone is going to be carving a big 'ole Jack-O-Lantern this Halloween!

Not sure how big these will end up but they are a good size right now and as long as we can fight off the squash bugs, we'll let them stay in the garden. If it looks like they will get damaged, we'll pick 'em and store them in the cellar. Pumpkins were a complete failure last year....and these are the same we are quite happy with our success.

And I spoke too soon on our onion failure. This box was planted about 2 weeks after the original sets (the ones that all went to seed) and these are doing wonderfully. I pick a few every day, some get used immediately, some get layed out in the shade to dry. Haven't bought onions in months!



What variety of pumpkins do you have? Have you ever tried scarring them? I may try if I get squash on my pumpkin plants.

Maureen said...

These are Big Max..and no we haven't ever done the scarring thing but it's something I find intriguing. I'll let you try it first!

Anonymous said...

My sugar pumpkins are deep dark green. No clue when to expect orange! Lots of fun watching them, though.