Monday, August 16, 2010


We haven't grown watermelons in a very long time, for all kinds of reasons... mostly bug related. The aphids always seem to kill off the plant long before the fruit can ripen. This year was no exception to the aphid issue...we still got plenty and they have managed to limit the number of big melons....but several made it to the red stage and were edible. Not as sweet as they could have been but tasty nonetheless. Yeah for us!

This was the biggest at just over 10lbs. ...the others were 6, 8, and 8lbs.




I'm having an aphid mess in my melons and squash now. However, I'll salvage about a dozen melons. The lemon squash should go anyway; but my pumpkins are worth fighting for.

Anonymous said...

My watermelons are the saddest thing I have ever seen. They number five, are not nearly ten pounds, and the plants are yellow, brown and crisp, for the most part. But as long as they keep growing, I am going to let they try.

My biggest problem currently are bugs that remind me of ladybugs, but they are a bit longer and they don't fly away like lady bugs do.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried using ladybugs to help with your aphid issue? I've heard many a gardener sing their praises in getting rid o' aphids. (Although I suspect you've tried everything!)

Juice Queens said...

Very interested in getting involved! Family of 6 and have a small garden here, want to grow more ;)