Thursday, January 6, 2011

Potatoes....ever again?

It might have been a very good thing that we got a few potatoes last month since the freeze has dealt a pretty severe blow to the ones currently in the ground. Not sure how much the damage will affect the potato harvest in the Spring....if they survive....but it's a 'wait and see' game at this point.

...and I'm thinking row covers for next years crop!


Lynda said...

I'm a bit north of you in Colusa potatoes froze, too..but they are doing just fine now...they died back a bit and then took off again. Same thing happened last year and the potatoes did just fine. I plant potatoes in the Spring and Fall. Hope yours do ok.

Anonymous said...

I have a LOT of sprouted potatoes from last year, if you want to try a second planting, just in case.


I've shied away from potatoes since I experienced blight. I look forward to learning the results.

I'm thinking of growing corn this summer as I sit with seed catalogs about. What's your experience with corn here in the Valley?

Maureen said...

Thanks for the encouragement Lynda! We plant more in the Spring also, so if we do lose these we'll have a follow-up crop.

Thanks Kris, I may come by and get those next week if you feel like saving them until then.

Maybelline, we've grown corn a few times and it does well here but takes a lot of space. We are thinking of planting a crop at a friends house in the country this year so we'll have plenty of room. If you're interested, I have loads of seeds (I over-bought....big time) and would be happy to share. The seeds are all non-GMO from Fedco and we have about 6 varieties including popcorn, but they are 2 years old. We've kept them in a cool place tho so I'm sure they will be fine. Let me know if you want some.


Thanks Maureen. I'm looking for sweet yellow corn. If you have something that works in this area, I would love to give it a try. Otherwise, I'm going to be placing my order with Terrior Seeds (Arizona).

Summer's coming.