Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here's what's in the Garden

...'cause Garrett and Becka asked :)

Provider green beans

Rattlesnake Pole beans

Vermont Cranberry beans

Our oops for this year....I originally planted corn, then decided we could buy it local (and cheap and delicious) so I dug in the same spot and planted Lima beans.  The plan was to pull up the corn as it came up and trellis the beans.  Well, the beans came up and were immediately attacked by some bug, many are dead (or dying) so we decided to let the corn stick around for awhile and see what happens.  Many people grow pole beans next to corn specifically to use the corn stalks as support for the vines.  I have a feeling tho, if that were what we had set out to do we should have left a bit more room for both crops to intermingle.  Oh well, live and learn.

Red Kidney beans

Midnight Black Turtle bean (soup)

Cantelope - Amish, Ambrosia, and Pride of Wisconsin

Black Valentine green bean

Kentucky Wonder Pole bean

Watermelon - Picnic and Chris Cross

Zucchini - Black Beauty and Golden

Cucumbers - Bantam, Lemon and Armenian Long

Pumpkin - New England Pie, BIg Max and Long Pie

Winter Squash - Uncle David's, Candy Roaster and Waltham Butternut

Tomatoes - LOTS!

Peppers - Red, Orange, Purple and Green sweet peppers plus several hot peppers for salsa

About the only thing not growing in this garden is standard basil which we planted in ours.  I only need a couple plants and it likes a bit of shade in the afternoon so it was better suited to our home garden. 

Just for reference for those of you gardening in HOT (that's me yelling) summer zones, we can't grow certain things that many people consider summer crops (but we CAN grow all year long).  Things on our Fall planting list include - 


Herbs and flowers


Steve said...

Whoo! Whoo! We're in the Vegi's!

Getting Fatter, Dumber and Happier by the moment.


Cena said...

Wow, that's alot of beans. Last year I grew some grocery store kidney beans. They were the best green beans in the garden, plus some for dry.

Maureen said...

Sounds delicious....I didn't even know you could eat them as green beans...yea!

Nancy W. said...

I see you're drinking more red than white these days ;-)