Monday, May 25, 2009

A Time For Everything Under the Sun

It's hard to get a true idea of what we are doing from these pictures.  Maureen is fastidious about taking photos from a variety of angles, and at different times of the day, but as with many things the experience in person is better than Technicolor, Panavision or any such technology.

Above is most of the garden we are working across the street.  Squash/pumpkin/watermelon in front and beans, peppers, and tomatoes everywhere else.  I hope you get the idea I'm not always the "specifics" guy.  My point though is if you were to set foot in the garden at this moment it would look different in many ways.  There are weeds, though we are working our way through them.  The puncture vines especially are being quarantined and carried away.  This picture was taken only a few days ago, but most of the plants are much bigger.  We have peppers on some and tomatoes on some also.  Some of the plants are being eaten by critters of various types.  You can even get different ideas of the garden during different times of the day.  I have been over watering this weekend mid-day and in the morning, and visited during the evening to show J, A and their lovely smaller versions the garden.  A different look each time.

For me at this time I am having my eyes opened to the process of farming and the daily changes in the plants.  A fellow worker years ago told a story of watching silage corn grow.  He said it was a miracle to go into a field and watch the corn literally grow taller before you eyes.  I haven't had that pleasure with beans, peppers and tomatoes; but I sure am enjoying coming back each day to something new.  I suppose that is why men and women spend their lives digging in dirt.

The poet's wisdom of Ecclesiastes says there is a time to plant, and a time to pluck that which is planted.  I know I will enjoy the plucking and eating.  I now am enjoying the planting and weeding and watering and growing.  That is what time it is now.

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