Monday, July 27, 2009


Thought I'd start with the saddest looking plants in the garden...

....and add one of the flowers, so it's not too depressing.

Not sure what happened to our melons/pumpkins this year. We got 4 cantelopes on 2 plants, but nothing else produced anything edible. The watermelons started out fine, but ended up splitting before they were ripe (the chickens loved them :) and the pumpkins have been on their deathbed from about the first week. I've been reading that they can be planted as late as Aug. for Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns so we are going to give it one more try. We'll keep you posted.



My pumpkins have been plagued by aphids lately. I get out early and hose the eggs and pests off. The ladybugs have been taking care of anything I miss.

Look on the underside of your pumpkin leaves and see if that's the problem.

Ownedby2 said...

Maureen, we're having a rough time in Fresno...even though I water every day..all my tomatoes split. Agony for me when I've been watching the Brandywine for weeks!!!

Maureen said...

We do have aphids on the melons/pumpkins but the lady bugs seem to be handling that situation. This yard has not grown anything but weeds for decades and this area was the only one that didn't get raised beds (ran out of wood)so it may just be a soil issue. We'll keep trying!

Most of our tomatoes are splitting also, and tho we can still eat them I'm giving quite a bit of 'waste' to the chickens. I had big plans to make tomato sauce this year so that's a bit disappointing.

Thanks for stopping by, where in Fresno are you? It may not seem like much but you guys are consistently 3-4 degrees hotter than we are....bummer :(