Friday, August 7, 2009

That is one BIG tomato!

And there were actually 2 of them! I wrote a couple posts this week on what we are doing with all our lovely tomatoes from this garden and from our home garden. For the first time ever...I made tomato sauce and for the first time in a non-electric dehydrator I made sun-dried tomatoes.....Go see!



Oh mama!

"tomato sauce" & "sun dried tomatoes" needs the font color changed.

Maureen said...

Is it disappearing? Sometimes it does that. On my computer it was fine (showed up in white print) but I would go to my moms and it would be invisible...sigh.

I changed it to orange, let me know if it shows up for you.

And thanks!


I can see it perfectly now.

Maureen said...


Thomas said...

Great looking tomato! The tomato farmers here in New England are being devastated right now by blight. Hopefully, I'll be able to grow one this tasty looking next year!

Maureen said...

We've been hearing a lot about your blight issue back sorry!

But we had a horrible tomato year last summer so I guess it goes in cycles for all of us.