Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's New and Happenin'

I don't write much about the garden. I tend to let Maureen because she does a better job and I like to think of myself as the brute strength of this operation, emphasis on brute. Here are some crude pictures of what is happening in the last few weeks.

This is one of the new wine bottle herb beds. The bottles are filled with sand and buried upside down to form a bed. They are at the end of the wooden formed beds and set off the garden. 'Tis also fun to create more empty bottles for more beds.

This is one of the older beds with a winter crop.

These are the new beds that have been created in the last two weekends. Besides tidying up the place a bit, we now have more places to grow.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys in store for us.



Steve - You have much more to offer than brute strength. This was a nice post. The wine bottle idea looks fun. Can you submit a photo when the sun light is striking the bottles? I bet the colors and labels will really "pop".

Maureen said...

Maybelline - you are SO right, We wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't a team effort!

And Steve was hampered with a cheapie camera whose battery was running low. Our regular camera is on it's way to Canon for repair. As soon as the problem is taken care of we'll post more pics of OUR garden :)

Steve said...


Maureen will tell you if asked that I am so thrifty that I couldn't let the wine bottles go to waste. If we can get more than one use of something, then let's do it.

Thank you for your comments. Maureen deserves much for this garden.


consciouslyfrugal said...

I LOVE!!! the wine bottle idea. Ohhhhhhh, I wish I had a yard. Sigh.

Can I move in with y'all? :P