Thursday, May 27, 2010


We're expecting temps of 90+degrees this weekend so the garlic needs to be pulled to make way for the final 1o tomato plants.

The heads will go onto drying racks (old refrigerator shelves:) and sit out for a week or so before storing in the cellar. I'll be back later today to post pics of the haul!

ps. The poppies were volunteers from the compost we added to the soil.



Right on schedule.
My garlic is going to be pulled on Saturday. Have you tried garlic soup? It's wonderfully bad for you---full of butter.

Maureen said...

Sounds yummy....recipe please???


Sorry for the delay. I didn't realize you wanted the recipe. I was checking back to see if you had tried your garlic. Mine is great.

This recipe has great step=by=step instructions with lovely photos.

MommaofMany said...

Nice to get volunteer poppies. I get volunteer nettles. :/

Maureen said...

...tee hee :)