Monday, May 23, 2011

We Will Have Beans this Summer

I have an excuse for not writing for awhile...and it's a good one....I've been busy.

Here are the beans that escaped the marauding herds of voracious pill bugs (rolly pollys, sow bugs...whatever...those little guys can eat!). I've replanted this spot twice and another one 3 times (it is now the pumpkin bed).

Up against the fence in this same bed are the transplanted olallieberries that a friend gave us this winter. I'm assuming the harvest will improve in the coming years:)

Edit~ I was asked what an olallieberry was (we've always just considered them a blackberry) and I found this definition.
Genetically, an Olallieberry is approximately two-thirds Blackberry and one-third European Red Raspberry. The Olallieberry was developed in 1949 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture at Oregon State University by crossing a Loganberry with a Youngberry. While primarily developed in Oregon, it has never been very productive there and is primarily grown in California. Because the olallieberry has blackberry on both sides of its parentage, it exhibits many of the same flavor characteristics of the blackberry. However, olallieberries are much larger in size and generally are sweeter than blackberries grown under the same conditions.

...thanks for asking Barefeet :)


Barefeet In The Kitchen said...

Your berries look so pretty! I've never heard of that variety. Is that similar to a blackberry?


Those damned pill bugs. Please let me know if you learn of a safe way (for me not them) to get rid of them.

Like you, I've been too busy working in the garden to even care about blogging. Thanks for the update.

PS - watch out for those damned birds eating your berries.

Maureen said...

Not much works on those little buggers so far Maybelline, altho the beer traps did kill some of them. I've also been sprinkling diatomacious earth on areas where the most attractive crops are (they sure love beans!)
We primarily deal with the issue by over-planting the seeds and just hoping that there are enough to compensate for all the ones that will get chomped on. Since they are only vulnerable for a week or so, this usually works (emphasis on USUALLY).

...and I forgot about the birds...tho we just have the one berry this year:)

MommaofMany said...

I know I'm looking forward to your bumper crop of beans! ;)

Maureen said...

Unfortunately Frankie, this is about an eighth of what we normally plant in beans, so there may not be a huge crop this year:(